5 Steps That Makes Starting Over Easy

All human beings have to start over at some point. We all come to a place in life that we can’t continue. We come to a dead-end road. We come to a wall we can’t scale. We come to a hurt we can’t handle. We come to a state that we can’t solve and so we must start over.

How to start over is always the difficulty. What steps to take? What do I do first? The next few moments I will use the acronym START and give you 5 small steps that will let you take One Giant Step Forward.

S-top living in the past. You have to quit blaming, quit pointing fingers, and quit making excuses. You have to start taking responsibility for where you are and where you have been. You have to quit looking for a scapegoat and start looking for a new road. Until you stop living in the past you can’t start over.

T-ake an honest look at your life.You have to realize that you are in control and you have the power that is needed. God made us with a great capacity to problem solve and to be resilient. He placed in you a will and you will need to use it to move ahead. You must be honest about what is right in your life and what is wrong.
A-llow others to help you. You can do a lot on your own in starting over, but to truly succeed you will need the support and help of other people. You will have to let your guard down, be willing to share your problems and listen to the good advice you receive. Without others, you will continue to smother any possibility of starting over and getting ahead.
R-ecognize that starting over is not the only option but the wisest option. You have to realize that if you continue to do what you are doing you will continue to struggle in the quicksand of life. Once you realize this is the best way, you are on your way to a great payday.
T-rust that God will help you with the impossibilities you face in starting over.  With God on your side you cannot fail so make big plans.  You are not alone, so get going. With enthusiasm and excitement, turn around, start over and make the best life possible.
Recover your dignity and stretch yourself to the limits of your humanity.  One man said, ‘Your extremity is God’s opportunity’. You will be glad you did.
Pastor Leon Wallace

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