The Power of Love

One of life’s greatest powers is the power of love.  The ability to love and be loved is incredible.  The difference between being happy and sad hinges on love.  The difference between being confident and secure has much  to do with love.

Love is a great power for good in our lives.  When you feel loved, you feel whole.  When you feel love you feel alive.  When you feel love you are more optimistic about everything.

Love gives energy, and enthusiasm to your pursuits.  You may not be able to define love.  You may not be able to quantify love.  But you know when you have it and when you don’t.

Love is like a great river running into the ocean.  The deeper our love becomes the more things that flourish in our life.  The wider our love becomes more people are touched by our love.

Loving people are happy people, loving people are generous people, loving people are God’s children.

How do we love?  What makes love, love?  Love is doing for others what you like done to you.  Love is treating others with the same care and compassion you desire.  Love is giving yourself selflessly to those around you.  Love is always active, alert and alive.

You can always tell when you are loving others, you have a sense of purpose, an inner drive that causes you to keep reaching out to those in trouble, pain, or distress.

The more love you give out the more you grow, you thrive, you succeed.  Jesus Christ loved us and look what His love has done for us.  You will never know how powerful, how inspiring, and how beneficial your love has been to others.

Take time to love someone today.  Take time to do good for those in grief.  Take time to share your time with someone in trouble.  Take time to put your arm around someone who is struggling.  Take time to help someone who is hurting.  When you help others you are really helping yourself.

Love is a beautiful four letter word, let it speak loudly in your heart today.

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Desperate Times Demand Real Help

Many people are facing desperate times right now.  Many have lost their jobs, their homes, their security and their hope.  The pressures are escalating in their lives exponentially. They wake up every morning with the tentacles of fears wrapped around them like a logging chain.   Day after day passes and they find themselves falling deeper into the black hole of despair.

Once outgoing, vibrant, free, now they feel like a prisoner with a life sentence. There seems to be no way out, no real escape, what are they to do? Who do you turn to when everyone has said no?  Where do you go when all hope is gone?  Do you just give up and die, or is there a real answer?

Paul said if in this life only he had hope he would be the most miserable man around.  He realized that this life alone could not truly satisfy or complete his life.  He understood that his answer would come from higher up, from the Lord. Only then would lasting hope and real peace be found and enjoyed.

Our God specializes in despair. He knows exactly what to do with desperation.  Our God understand how to lead you out of trouble.  Our God not only see where you are right now but really cares about your circumstance.

Many times when your life is full of trouble, and you have exercised all of your options you feel bad if you then turn to the Lord.  Don’t!

In His word He challenged us to call on him in the day of trouble.  He exhorted us to cast our cares on him.  He said come unto me all ye that labor and I will give you rest.

In your darkest night you can turn to him and he will hear you.  He came to seek and save those who were lost.  He came to heal, to deliver, to make whole those who were sick.  He came to rescue the hurting, restore the years that sin has stolen, and to give you a brand new day.

When you can’t pay your bills, when your utilities are cut off, when your faced with repossession and bankruptcy there is still hope.  When you’ve spent your last dollar, when you have expended all of your resources, Jesus can still help you.

What you can’t do he can do.  When you can’t find help He can send help your way.  When you don’t know where to turn He can give you direction.

Nothing is impossible with our God.  Impossible is a word that causes him no trouble.  Turn to Jesus.  Quit delaying and just call out to Him today.  Forget about diction, about proper speech, about sentence structure and simply call on His name.

Just say, Jesus I need you.  Jesus I don’t know what to do.  Jesus please help me.  Your cry will not fall on deaf ears.

I know it seems incredulous that Jesus Christ can help you when you’ve lost your job, your house, your hope, but He can and will if you give Him a chance.  Not only can He supply your physical needs but He can also supply your spiritual needs.

He can give you His own Spirit and life.  You can be Born from Above and become a partaker of His divine nature.  The possibilities are unlimited.  Give Jesus a chance today.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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What Are True Friends For?

Help me are two words most people can’t say with confidence.  Asking others to come along side of us and help us is usually the last resort. Only after all other avenues have dried up do we reach out to those who could have saved us many fears and tears.

What is it that keeps us from reaching out to others?  What keeps us from being confident enough to ask those who love us for help?  Is it the fear of rejection?  Is it the possibility of hearing the words no?  Is is pride, shame, self-reliance, or ego?  It is probably all of these or at least some of these that keep us from leaning on others.

Should anything keep us from asking people we love and who love us for help?  The answer is no.

What are friends for if you can’t call on them in trouble?  What is the value of others if they can’t be depended on?  Why do we run to complete strangers for help when someone you love is near?  I have the answer.

The reason we don’t ask those nearest too us is we don’t understand brotherly love or friendship.  The whole purpose of living and life is to do it together with those you love.

What mother will send her son or daughter to a stranger to get help when she can help them?  What father will send his son or daughter to a stranger to get help when it is in his power to do so?

One of the reasons people are so miserable and life is so weary is we have lost the value of each other.

What is money between friends?

What is time between friends?

What is sharing between friends?

What is carrying one

another burdens between friends?

What is friendship for if it is not to help each other when each other needs help?

If you have a true friend you should be able at any time, any place, and for any reason call on them and not feel the fear of being rejected.  Of course it is much harder to do when you have made a dumb decision, traveled down the wrong road. But thank God for a prodigal’s father who embraced his returning son, rather than drive him back out into the darkness.

One man said if you have 1 or 2 true friends in life you are blessed and I agree fully.  We don’t need a crowd of people around us, we need a person who truly cares for us.

It is impossible to live in misery if you have a true friend.

It is impossible to lose hope if you have someone who stands with you.

It is impossible to stay bitter if you have a true friend.

It is impossible to be overwhelmed when your true friend cares?

Solomon said there is someone who sticks closer to you than a brother. Who is that?  Simply said it is a real friend.  Jesus Christ calls us his friends. And he proved to all of us what real friendship look like.

If you don’t have a real friend, find Jesus.  And once you find Jesus he will make sure you also find a true earthly friend.

The next time you face a need, the next time you find yourself in trouble, don’t hesitate to call your friend.

If they are a true friend they will help you without making you feel terrible, cheap or needy.

If they are a true friend they won’t make excuses for why they can’t come.

If they are a true friend they will not put your shame on the streets.

If they are a true friend your mistakes will not weaken their love for you.

Find a true friend and you have found the lost treasure, the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Christianity is about being real, being compassionate, being a person who doesn’t forget their role as someone’s friend.

The greatest gift outside of salvation is when someone lets you get close enough to them that they call you a friend.

Friendship has responsibilities, but more than that friendship gives you the help that removes the impossibilities in your life.

Quit looking for just anyone and find that someone who can be your friend.  Your life will improve, your love will grow, your fears will diminish and your peace will increase.

If you are afraid to ask your friend for help, more than likely they are not really your friend.

My little girl Kaci ask me to make her pancakes this morning, I made them for her, because that is what friends are for.

Have you made any pancakes lately?

Pastor Leon Wallace

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Why Pray?

There is incredible power in prayer. So why don’t people pray more?  Maybe it’s a lack of understanding about what prayer is; maybe a proper model for prayer has not been seen  or maybe it is because prayer in not promoted properly.  What is prayer?

Prayer boiled down to its smallest denominator is simply talking, or communicating to Jesus Christ.  It is no different from what you do many times a day at work or at home with friends and family.  It involves both telling and asking, both sharing and receiving.

Just as in any communications you can find loud talking, tears, emotion and intensity, laughter and crying, you will find these things, also, in your talking to God. Whether you talk loud or soft, whether you cry or laugh, whether you walk or kneel when praying, that you are talking to God is what matters. Prayer is the connector between a human being and a divine God.

Why people don’t pray is a tough one, but why people should pray is easy.  One man said, Prayer is the very heartbeat of the Christian walk.  It is infinitely more than an exercise in spending one’s time to best advantage.  Prayer is a force that reaches out for God.

When you think about prayer from a Christian perspective you are met with many maxims I have written down through the years.  For instance you could say about prayer the following statements.

Prayer is man speaking in God’s language.

Prayer if the life-blood of the Saint of God.

Prayer is ceaseless, deathless, and timeless.

Prayer links man’s impotence to God’s omnipotence.

Prayer is the key of the morning and lock of the evening.

Prayer, real prayer is hard work.

Prayer is the mightiest work in the universe.

Prayer is humbling work.

Prayer is not optional.

Prayer is the key that unlocks the vaults of heaven and distributes the blessings to creation.

Prayer is petitioning God.

Prayer stands nearest the throne, it’s Heaven’s only incense.

Prayer travels where none dare tread, and gains victory where all others meet defeat.

Prayer binds yesterday, brighten today, and beautifies tomorrow.

Prayer is the chief way to express our love to God, and the chief way we receive God’s love for us.

Prayer avails over doubt, assails fear, and prevails against unbelief.

Prayer is man’s greatest privilege and his greatest responsibility.

Thomas Brooks wrote, ‘Do not pray for easy lives.  Pray to be stronger men and women. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers.  Pray for powers equal to your tasks.

Pray for great things, expect great things, work for great things, but above all, pray.

Prayer is not a possession, but a gift and privilege. Prayer provokes God to revoke his decrees, and replace his reproofs.  Prayer changes men, who then change their mission in life.

Prayer is not easy, not natural, not effectual, unless it springs from a heart fixed and anchored in Christ. Prayer is not an escape from responsibilities, it is our response to God’s ability.

Prayer is the highest order of business, for it links a powerless human to the creative force of God’s sovereign power.

Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still. Real prayer is lethal. It routs Satan’s demons, for it routs their chief.

E.M. Bounds, the great writer on prayer said this about prayer.  “God shapes the world by prayer. Prayers are deathless.  The lips that uttered them may be closed in death, the heart that felt them may have ceased to beat, but the prayers live before God, and God’s heart is set on them and prayers outlive the lives of those who uttered them, outlive a generation, outlive an age, outlive a world.”

Take time today to talk to God.  Take time to let him know how much you love him.  Let him know what you have need of and what you desire for him to do.

Just as a child is not refused by a parent, Jesus will not turn a deaf ear to your petition.  You have not because you ask not, so, ask and you shall receive.  Take advantage of prayer today.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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Prevent a Tragedy Today

Just last week a Mayor killed her 19-year-old daughter and then killed herself.  This kind of tragedy is so difficult to understand.  How does someone get to this place?  What are the driving forces that lead to this outcome?  Is it depression, financial pressure, mental illness, desperation, loss of hope, fatigue, too many losses in life etc?

One may never know the exact trigger or triggers, but we do know that life can become treacherous.  When you hear a story like this one it reminds you of just how fragile we are.  It proves again that even good people, God-fearing people can succumb to the pressures of life.

I am sure as this lady sat in church each Sunday she never dreamed this would be how her life ended.  Her pastor said she was going through some financial difficulties, her husband had died recently and no doubt the pressures of being a mayor compounded all of this. I am sure she fought against this outcome until she finally in a moment of desperation did what she did. What can we glean from this event?

First, that all of us will face pressures in our lives and only by the grace of God and others can we overcome it.  We should realize that people we go to church with on Sunday’s could be in serious trouble.  We should be more loving, more compassionate, more engaged in those we are close too.

We should never think that just because someone looks strong, acts strong, that they are strong.  Success in life does not limit problems but it increases them.  Sometimes the people you think have it the easiest are really fighting for their lives.

As the pressures increase in our great nation it is possible that people will continue to follow in these footsteps.  Could it be that a kind word from you, a hug, a smile, a few moments of understanding conversation would be the help that someone needs?

I would admonish all of us to open our eyes and really see what is going on in our friends’ lives, and open our hearts and find time to let them know God is for them and we are standing beside them.

When you begin to see subtile changes in those you know, don’t turn a deaf ear to their silent cries, but reach out with understanding and compassion and let them know they can trust you with their pain.

Standing before a full coffin will haunt you, so take time now to help those who are hurting all around you.

Write them a letter, drop a card in the mail, make that phone call, take them to lunch, do something to let them know they count.  I am sure everyone that reads this today can think of someone who needs a shoulder to lean on.

Don’t wait until tragedy strikes before you act.  Act right now.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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The Purpose Of Trust

Have you ever really thought about what the purpose of trusting really means?  People will say things like ‘just trust me’ or ‘don’t worry I can handle this’.  To trust simply means to rely on, to depend on, to believe in, to have confidence in.

When someone asks you to trust them what are they asking you to do?  What are they expecting you to do?  What is the big deal about trust anyway?  I don’t have all the answers about trust but I do believe there are five key things that trust does that are valuable.

#1  Trust creates dependency on God. The first purpose of trusting is to believe God.  It is to depend on Him to do what you cannot do.  What is it that we can’t do?  We can’t forget the past and we can’t forecast the future.

These two things are outside of our power.  We can’t take an eraser and make the past go away and we don’t have a crystal ball that gives us a clear picture of our future.  All we can really control is this moment, this small fragment of time.  Everything else must be given to God.

God sees are past and can help us get over it, or overcome it.  He knows every mistake or wrong choice we’ve made.  He sees every hurt, every injustice, every wrong we have ever suffered. He also sees our future and what we will become, and where we will end up.

He knew us before we were born and He knows when we will die.  So the first value of trust is when we let God take care of these two times we can’t change or control.

#2  Trust challenges your Independent will. We are constantly tossed to and fro by our emotions and our rational mind.  When are emotions are in control our mind follows obediently, when reason and logic are in control our emotions wait patiently.

We have a tendency to give great importance to our thoughts, our actions, and our emotions.  We are born with a self-love that is not easily harnessed.

Our will can cause us to be unreasonable, stubborn, or just plain stupid sometimes.  It is never easy to admit you need help, that you don’t have all the answers, that you can’t get your way.

Neither can you let your emotions rule your life.  If emotions and feelings rule, you will be a bundle of nerves.  You will go from one high to a deeper low and from despair to exhilaration and back again.

When you’re willing to let others speak into your life and when you’re willing to work under authority you begin to understand the purpose of trust.  Bringing your will to the place where it is willing to listen to God and others is essential to your progress.

Your mind is the dark-room where fears multiply and self-worth is magnified to your destruction.

Trusting in God and others will cause you to challenge your wrong thoughts.  It will cause you to rely on the wisdom of others and not just yourself.  It will bring you into a place where you can be molded and shaped for your better good.

#3 Trust Changes you from being Co-dependent on others.

Our co-dependency is determined primarily by our DNA and our Enviroment.  Who your parents and grandparents are play a large role in who you are and why you are like you are.

Since you have nothing you didn’t receive, much of who you are comes down through your bloodline.  The color of your hair, the color of your eyes, your mannerisms, even some sicknesses can be inherited from your lineage. I know it sometimes hurts but the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Your enviroment plays a large part in who you become.  Your friends, the country you live in, the schools you attended, the standard of your living, all help to shape who you are.

Birds of a feather flock together and you will almost always surround yourself with people who have your tastes and interests.  This is not always the best thing for you.

Trust causes you to be willing to be different, to march to beat of a different drummer, to go in the direction of opposition and to fly in the face of resistance.

Trust gives you the strength to stand alone, and yet not feel alone. You no longer feel trapped by individuals, or circumstances but believe that you can achieve whatever God’s purpose is for your life. You begin to reach higher and go further once this co-dependency is broken.

Often we use others as an excuse for what we have become and where we are.  Trust changes you into a person who can rise above your DNA and environment and soar where eagles fly.

#4  Trust converts your creative mind into action. Our minds can become prisons where nothing enters or exits.  Our minds can convince us that we are worthless, or they can deceive us into believing that we are invincible.  Both of these extremes are dangerous to us.

What trust does is bring the truth of who you are and what you can become to the surface. Trust throws open the gates of your mind and dares you to use your mind as a vehicle for good.

Your mind is an incredible laboratory of greatness.  It is incomparable what you can do when you set your mind to work.

Trust is like the key inserted into a lock, it turns the knob and opens the door to endless possibilities.  Once your mind is directed in the right direction your actions will speed you toward whatever goal you have set.

When your mind believes it will act and when it acts, nothing in this world can compete with it.  The purpose of trust is to unlock the mysteries of your mind and let them flow into the divine plan God has for your life.

When your mind is awake your life will be alive with purpose, hope and success.  Give trust a chance.  Believe in God, rely on God, and let God’s best creation… you…race into action.

#5  Trust will allow you to compound your potential effectively. So many people with great minds, great talent and great potential die without achieving even a small degree of what they could have.  This is such a waste of who you are.

Trusting in God and others teach you how to maximize your life and get the most out of your labor and efforts.

Three basic laws will begin to work for you at this stage.  The law of sowing and reaping, the law of the sower, and the law of multiplication.

To reap you must sow and to sow effectively you must continue to sow at all times and seasons and in all places.  The more you sow, the more you reap, so sow everywhere and abundantly.

The Bible tells story after story of how people trusted God and how there lives enjoyed the power of multiplication.

Once your see the value of trust, once you continue to trust, it will not be long before you see the compounding effect of trust.  The old adage is if you take a penny a day and multiply it each day for 31 days you will be a millionaire.  What you can do with a penny you should be able to do with your life.  The Bible says your life is worth more than the whole world.

The purpose of trust is to turn you, a clump of dust, into a mountain of gold.  Don’t delay, and don’t make excuses.  Get up and get going down the path of trust, and before long, trust will thrust you up, up, and up.

What is the purpose of trust?  To get you to trust, of course.  Do it today.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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There Is No God Like Our God

There is only one true God in the world.  There is only one God who can hear, see, speak and answer the requests of mankind. That is the God of the Bible.  That is the God who is called Jehovah in the Old Testament and Jesus Christ in the new.

In a world full of chaos it is essential that you have a real God.  It is essential that you have a God that is all-powerful and all-knowing.  It is essential that you serve a God that is truly a Savior, a Healer, and a Provider.  It is essential that your God is not dead but alive.  It is essential that he is not in a grave somewhere but alive.  There is only one who can make this claim and that is the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ.

There are many who serve what they call gods but they are not really gods.  They can’t hear, see, speak, or answer prayers.  They are nothing more than man-made creations.  There are many people serving gods that are in grave yards or in some man-made burial ground.

There are many people who have made the moon, stars, sun, or mother earth their gods.  There are many people who worship and adore gods made of gold, silver, stone, wood, etc.

But only those people who worship the God of scripture have the hope of securing a real answer.  Only in Jesus Christ can you find the way, the truth and life.

Only Jesus can save your soul from sin.  Only Jesus can give you eternal life.  Only Jesus offers a resurrection from your cold dark grave.  Only Jesus can hear and answer your prayers.

There is only one true living God in the world and you find him in the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ declared that all power in heaven and earth was in him.  If he has all power and he does then that’s the God I choose to serve.

Solomon said with all you’re getting, get understanding, and I say with all you’re getting get Jesus Christ, the one and only true God in the world today.

No wonder the name of Jesus is hated by so many.  No wonder when you say Jesus there is no doubt who you are talking about.  No wonder the servers of other false gods hate the Jesus of Scripture.

Just as Satan hated Jesus because he exposed him for who he was, men deny Jesus because their deeds and hearts are full of evil; but those who place their trust and confidence in him find life and life more abundantly.

Turn away from the gods that cannot help and turn to Jesus who can help you completely.  Scripture declares ‘in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily and ye are complete in Him’.  That is the God I serve and that is the God I need.

If you need a real God in your life call on Jesus and you will find what you  are looking for.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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Life is Full of Surprises

Life is full of surprises.  Everyday holds the potential to shock you back to earth.  Have you been shocked lately?

Have you ever been coasting through life and then been blindsided by something.  It could be a phone call telling you a love one has died.  It could be your spouse saying I am filing for divorce.  It could be your teenage girl saying mom I am pregnant.  It could be your boss calling you into his office to let you know you are being let go.  It could be the doctor bearing news that you have cancer.

Everyday we face the possibilities of being surprised.  Everyday you wake up you could be confronted with a life changing day.  This is the reason you need to know how to handle life’s surprises.

When the unexpected happens what you do in the first few days will matter most.

When your system is shocked by bad news the first thing you need to do is stay calm.  This will be very difficult.  It is okay to show emotion, to cry, to pace, to wonder what you should do, But you cannot  lose control, or allow your thoughts full expression.

You will find yourself speaking stupidly, and making dramatic statements.  Don’t do this.  It will only escalate the issue you face. Do your best to control your thoughts, your actions and your emotions.  This will slow down the heart rate, the rushing thoughts, and keep you from falling into a deep depression.

Secondly, you need to trust in your true friends.  Lean on their shoulders, cry in their arms, let them support and embrace you.  You don’t need isolation. You need insulation.  You need to be protected and find security in the presence of those who have your best interest at heart.

You need very little advice at this point; you simply need understanding, and support.  Stay away from those who know it all, or from those who are not generally compassionate.  They will see this as weakness and not true pain. So find those gentle souls who understand the value of silence and the blessing of silent strength.

Thirdly, realize that your life is not over, but there are some issues you will need to address.  Realize that you have many other things that are doing just fine and so your whole life is not over.

Take small steps, continue to do your best to eat properly, sleep properly and think properly.  The first 2 weeks are always the most difficult, but with the right help and mindset you will begin climbing out sooner than later.

Any loss brings grief and grief’s time-table is different for each person.  Grieving is good; it’s God’s way for us to cleanse our systems and renew our strength.

Don’t worry about the speed of your recovery, focus on the fact that you will recover in time. Everyone faces the same challenges you are facing so finding compassion will be easy.

Not now, but somewhere in the future you will see things clearer although some things never clear up completely.  Just remember God is faithful, and if you look upward more than downward, you will rise up sooner than later from your fall.

These are not perfect solutions but small steps that lead forward.  May you find yourself whole again even if there is still a hole in your heart.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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Life is a Journey Not a Sprint

Life is a journey not a sprint.  You can’t win overnight but neither can you lose.  Once you realize that although life is short in time, it is abounding with possiblities.

Begin each day with the attitude of gratitude and refuse to allow the negativity of circumstances to get you down.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and you win most battles in life by taking the next step.

Since life is a journey we can slow down and smell the roses, and taste the fruit of life.  If you try to race through life you will end being first to the top of the mountain but will not have anyone to share it with.

That is why the climb is the most important.  It is here where you meet friends, build relationship, form unions etc.  So when you reach the top you reach it with those you love, those who company you enjoy.

The old saying that it is lonely at the top is true, but it doesn’t have to be if you slow down and help others reach their dreams too.  May this Thursday find you not speeding toward the weekend, but reflecting on just how many blessings you really have.

Once you see the big picture, you will not be so stressed over the impossible situations you face now.


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