Never Think You Have It Made!

Paul said let him that thinks he standeth take heed lest he fall.  His warning resonates just as clearly today.  All of us have fallen in area’s of our lives.

When you evaluate these failures you will see that often if not always they are in areas of strength.

Oswalt Chambers said that the Bible indicates that a man always falls on his strongest point.

Abraham, the man of faith, fell through unbelief.

Moses, the meek man, fell through losing his temper.

Elijah, the courageous man, fell through losing heart.

Solomon, the most colossally wise, wealthy, luxurious, superb king, fell through grovelling, sensual idolatry.

Joshua the victorious conqueror of Jericho, lay weeping all night after defeat at Ai.

Judas was the treasurer of Jesus ministry and yet he fell from grace over 30 pieces of silver.

We spend enormous time trying to strengthen our weaknesses, not realizing that were we are strong and confident lies our greatest danger.  One man said, failure has killed its thousands, but success has killed its ten thousands.

We must never forget that our strength can become a weakness quickly.  We cannot ignore the foundation of our house, just because it is beautifully decorated inside.

We cannot allow our success, or fame, or achievments blind us to this truth.

God resists the proud but gives grace and help to the humble.  Those who realize that without help from above they are subject to the pitfalls below just like everyone else.

We are never safe on the shores of this place called earth.  We are never safe regardless of how strong our faith has become.  We are never safe even if our good works rise like a mountain before us.  We must always be vigilant, sober and alert.

He that thinks he standeth take heed lest he fall.  It is true we should place no confidence in our flesh, but our confidence should be in our maker.

David in Psalms shouted, some men trust in chariots and others in horses, but we will trust in the name of the Lord.  Let this be your testimony.

We should always live with humility and meekness knowing that it is the grace of God and His favor that we are not defeated every day.  Scripture shouts if God had not been on our side, our enemies would have swallowed us up.

Thank God we are not alone.

Thank God we are not trying to stand-alone.

Thank God we don’t feel alone.

Thank God we don’t have to go it alone.

Our God is always on our side, watching, helping, leading, and protecting.  We know we never have it made, but we also know that as long as we follow in the footsteps of the eternity maker we can.

Don’t live in fear, but don’t live in egotism either.  Live knowing if God is for me no one can be against me.

We don’t have it made, but by the grace of God one day we will.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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Dealing With Loss

Dealing with loss is never easy.  When something is taken from us it leaves a large void behind.  Loss leaves a real hole in our soul.

To lose something hurts us deeply and often scars our life with great pain.  No one can escape its grasp.  Everyday brings the possibility that loss will find you.

Losses come in so many ways.  The loss of love, the loss of health, the loss of innocence, the loss of  money, and all leave us with a dilemma.

In scripture Jesus talked about lost things.  He mentioned the lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost son and in each illustration His end was for them to be found or recovered.  We should try to get back what we have lost, we should search and expend energy to bring it back.

We should always hope for the best result, but somethings can not be brought back or recovered and it is these losses that I am discussing today.

The loss of someone we love to death cannot be recovered in this lifetime.  The loss of our childhood innocence cannot be restored during our earthly journey.  The loss of our health to old age cannot be reversed.  These kinds of losses try to weaken our resolve and deplete our strength.  So what are we to do?

We must realize that these losses cannot be altered or avoided.  These losses must be carried and endured.  These losses bring crosses that we must bear.

The pain, the grief and pain will have to be embraced not ignored.  When you try to ignore real losses after they transpire they will drive you to dark places or even into the dungeon of depression.

Facing loss takes great courage, and it take an understanding from God.  When the questions try to drown you, you will need to rest in this answer, that God doesn’t make mistakes but works all things according to His perfect will.

When losses come handle them with gloves of truth.  Admit that it hurts, let your grief be expressed in full and you will find strength to continue. They say there are five  stages of grief and I am sure there are.

However, the most important thing in dealing with loss is not stages but staying power.  The ability to continue walking down life’s road even when the heavy winds of loss are howling in your face.  The ability to get up and keep going when your thoughts and feelings scream give up.  The strength to press onward when the pain is pressing downward.

It will not be easy but it is possible.  The greatest help in dealing with a loss is not found in a pill, but in a pillar.  Hold on to the pillars in your life, your faith, your hope, your God.  These will help you recover your unsteady walk and renew your steps with certainty.

Losses don’t have to become crosses only, they can become ladders that lead you higher and higher.  Choose the latter and you will be glad you did.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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Passions Paradise

Live with passion. Anthony Robbins

Are you tired of being dull? Are you fed-up with being half-hearted? Are you doomed to repeat your last failure? If so, let me help you change your destiny today.

If you will live your life with passion, everything will change for the better. Passion means living with desire. Living enthusiastically. Living with fire in your soul. Living each day to the fullest.

Passion means being alive and knowing it. Passion does not wake you up, it keep you up until you achieve your goal.

Passion can be broken down into 7 parts by using the letters in this word.

P-ushing ahead regardless of what obstacles you face.

A-lways keeping your attitude right. Your attitude determines your altitude.

S-eeing the opportunity before you and seizing it before it vanishes.

S-topping negative thoughts before they morphe into spoken words.

I-intentionally smiling when your body wants to frown.

O-nly settling for success in whatever you are pursuing.

N-ever giving up, even when your close friends say it’s no use.

Passion pursues objects with great confidence and courage.

Passion does not step aside because of on coming dangers.

Passion drives you to make decisions.

Passion promises rewards to those who refuse to quit.

Passion is not emotion only, but a made up mind with a fixed goal in site. Emotion is simply the vehicle in which passion drives toward it’s goal.

You can accomplish everything with passion, and nothing without it. Desire cannot be stopped by despair, neither can it be overthrown by failure.

The greatest gift you have is the gift to decide, the most important attitude is the one that wears a smile, and the legacy you leave behind is a life well lived.

You have the potential to create a paradise. A paradise where passion rules by day, and your achievements last through the night.

Jesus Christ lived his life with incredible passion and look at what His passion left for you.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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I Want To Be Free

Freedom is an internal achievement rather than an external adjustment. Adam Powell

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be free. Free from worry, free from stress, free from painful hurts, and free from the chains of the past. Have you ever considered that it is possible? Have you ever taken the first step toward true freedom?

Although complete freedom from these things is not possible, there is enough freedom available to make it worth your while.

Often our lives are like a wild animal in a large zoo. We have all the comforts of home, all the proper foods, all the proper care, and all things we are familiar with. After a period of time we adjust to our smaller place, our metal cage, the restrictions and limitations they bring.

We fall into our routine, sleeping, eating, playing, workings, etc. After awhile we resign ourselves to our lot, we become comfortable in our surrounding, we quit lunging against our restraints, we simply learn to live.

We have freedom but they are set by someone else, we have time but its not our own, we have what we need to survive, but not what it takes to thrive. Our cage has become our safety net. We no longer have to worry about the dangers we faced in the open spaces. We don’t have to fend for ourselves anymore, our docile environment dampens our ambitions and shrinks our dreams.

It’s possible that even if you could you would not want to leave the comfort and security of your cage for the openness of a world without boundaries. Why because you would be faced once again with your fears, and hurts and stresses that you were running away from. You would have to meet the challenge not run from it.

It’s true isn’t it that whether you live in the open plains or in a plain cage you are never totally free. But, here is the question. Would you rather have freedom that a metal cage brings, or freedom that the whole world allows? Would you rather live in a shrinking square, or in an expanding horizon? Would you rather have less fears but no freedom, or more freedoms with fears?

The choice is before you.

Choose the world before you, not the cage behind you. Choose the open spaces not the four walled dungeons. Choose to live free.

Living free is knowing life can be tough. Living free doesn’t hide the pain. Living free will not stop all the losses. Living free will not bring only cloudless days. But living free is the only way to be free.

The opposite of free is to be bound. That is what your fears, failures, pains, and problems try to do. They want to put you in bondage, place you in prison, or rob you of your freedom. Don’t let it. I would rather die living, than living only to die. I would rather fail trying, than not try again. I would rather blow it daring to believe, than sitting in my metal cage wishing I was free.

So now we know. To be free means you refuse to let life sadden you. To be free means you refuse to let pain stop you. To be free means you refuse to sell yourself short. To be free is to live with expectancy and hope that the best is now.

As long as you have the ability to choose you are free, free as you can be. It’s your choice, so seize the moment and start a life of freedom today.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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America The Beautiful

America the Beautiful is flirting with disaster.  Trillions of dollars in debt already and we continue to spend money like a drunk man.  State and local governments are drowning in a mountain of debt with no end in sight.

A Congress and Government that is out of touch with the people.  Politicians of all parties that basically are, at their core,  Siamese twins.

A Supreme Court that doesn’t have one born again believer on it.

The entire news media of our nation is owned by just 6 companies.  No wonder the truth is not being told, the media is in bed with the state.

Immorality in any form is exalted and praised while values and Christian principles ridiculed.

We spend more money on our military than all the other nations do together and yet we cannot secure our borders against drugs and human trafficking.

We have the greatest technology in the world for good, but often find ourselves letting it be used only for evil.

America is beautiful, but without godly leaders we will turn ugly soon.  King David said in Psalms 12 that ‘the wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted’.  We see that happening all over America.

America the beautiful cannot continue to oppress the poor of the world through cheap labor and expect God to turn a deaf ear to their cry.  We all like cheap prices but do we like them at the expense of God’s children elsewhere in the world.

America the beautiful cannot continue to promote vice, and violence, sin and depravity in the face of Deity and be innocent.

America the beautiful can be beautiful again but people of prayer must pray again.  Churches must become Christ-oriented and spiritually active again.

Jesus must be exalted and the Kingdom of God promoted.

“If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray”…we can and we will.

It is true.  We are close to the midnight hour in prophecy but it is never too late for God to accept our sincere repentance and change of direction.

If you love this great nation and the 300 million plus Americans in it, pray because only an answer from heaven will save us now.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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Everyday is an opportunity to grow.

Everyday is a brand new canvas to paint on.

Everyday is an open door to walk through.

Everyday is another day to forgive those who have wronged you.

Everyday brings closure to yesterday.

Everyday is the only day you have to make a real difference.

Everyday is a gift from God above.

Everyday is the very day you could change.

Everyday offers others the chance to get to know you.

Everyday brings eternity closer.

Everyday a prayer can be prayed that reaches heaven.

Everyday is short in time but long in possibilities.

Everyday gives you a chance to do a good deed.

Everyday is the one day you can’t use carelessly.

So use everyday for God’s glory, your growth, and for pushing someone up.  This is not just another blue Monday but a Blessed Monday.  This is the day the Lord has made, so make the best of it.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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How To Deal With A Crisis

Crisis happens to all of us. From time to time something happens that causes great trouble. Crisis comes in many forms. We find crisis in our relationships, in our career, in our families, in our health, in our finances etc.

Since they do happen, how do we deal with them? What are the steps that help us navigate the storms they produce? If we can’t change the crisis, how do we move forward?

There are many answers that are correct but there are a couple of principles that are absolutely necessary when dealing with crises.

A crisis throws your balance off and  it creates instability that affects the whole life. So, the first thing you must do is realize that a crisis is not the end of the world. It may be the end of a relationship, it may be the end to something you love, but it is not the end of the world.

Once you take away “the sky is falling” cry, you will see more clearly. Exaggerating the crisis is the mistake that most people make. You must state the facts.  You must be honest about the situation, but you must keep your emotions from exacerbating the problem.

Don’t let your crisis overrun the banks of your life and flood all of your life. Keep it in the boundaries of truth. So, the first thing you do is get rid of exaggeration. This will take excess emotion out of the problem.

Secondly, you must let your character lead the way. Character is who you are when no one is looking. Character is not developed in a crisis. It is manifested in the crisis. Character is your strength of will in action.

Character will not allow the crisis to control and master you. Character will keep your thoughts true, your heart strong, and your decisions based on facts, not feelings.

In a crisis you must not allow exaggerated thoughts, untrue thoughts or emotional thoughts to strong-arm you. This is why character is so important. It will bring you back to center, keep you in the middle ground and give you balance in the midst of an unstable situation.

Thirdly, you will need to be slow in making further decisions. The last thing you want to do is make quick decisions. Wait until you get the problem in clear view before making a decision.

A quick decision is often based on emotion, not facts. So slow down, digest what is going on and let your mind clear before moving forward. Don’t let anger or anxiety force your hand.

By taking your time, the storm clouds overhead will begin to dissipate and the sunlight will begin to peer through. By letting the facts be found, and your character lead you, you will have plenty of time to make, not only the right decision, but the best decision.

These alone will not solve all crises, but they will head you in the right direction.  Don’t let your crisis cripple you, but let your response, to it, defeat it.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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5 Steps That Makes Starting Over Easy

All human beings have to start over at some point. We all come to a place in life that we can’t continue. We come to a dead-end road. We come to a wall we can’t scale. We come to a hurt we can’t handle. We come to a state that we can’t solve and so we must start over.

How to start over is always the difficulty. What steps to take? What do I do first? The next few moments I will use the acronym START and give you 5 small steps that will let you take One Giant Step Forward.

S-top living in the past. You have to quit blaming, quit pointing fingers, and quit making excuses. You have to start taking responsibility for where you are and where you have been. You have to quit looking for a scapegoat and start looking for a new road. Until you stop living in the past you can’t start over.

T-ake an honest look at your life.You have to realize that you are in control and you have the power that is needed. God made us with a great capacity to problem solve and to be resilient. He placed in you a will and you will need to use it to move ahead. You must be honest about what is right in your life and what is wrong.
A-llow others to help you. You can do a lot on your own in starting over, but to truly succeed you will need the support and help of other people. You will have to let your guard down, be willing to share your problems and listen to the good advice you receive. Without others, you will continue to smother any possibility of starting over and getting ahead.
R-ecognize that starting over is not the only option but the wisest option. You have to realize that if you continue to do what you are doing you will continue to struggle in the quicksand of life. Once you realize this is the best way, you are on your way to a great payday.
T-rust that God will help you with the impossibilities you face in starting over.  With God on your side you cannot fail so make big plans.  You are not alone, so get going. With enthusiasm and excitement, turn around, start over and make the best life possible.
Recover your dignity and stretch yourself to the limits of your humanity.  One man said, ‘Your extremity is God’s opportunity’. You will be glad you did.
Pastor Leon Wallace

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We all have fears. Not all fears are bad. Some fears are necessary. Fear is a natural God-given instinct. However when we allow fear to dominate our lives it creates confusion and distress and alters who we are.

Once you understand that the majority of your fears will never happen you can began to live easier. According to many who study fear they report that about 90 percent of our fears are unfounded and will not happen so only about 10 percent of your fear are necessary and legitimate. No wonder the Bible encourages us to bring our thoughts into subjection. Today I want to share some principles for lessening your fears and strengthening your faith. 

Since fear begins in the mind first that is where we must start. Our thoughts lead to action our action to behavior and behavior leads to habits. When you have too many fears it is because you have allowed your thoughts to be unchallenged and now they have formed habits of beliefs that are destructive. 

Example: You have been betrayed, rejected, or hurt deeply. If you don’t isolate the fear that these things cause you will begin to infect the rest of your life. You will begin to believe that everyone is out to hurt you. You will not allow yourself to trust even good people. You will shy away from relationships and involvement with others because your habit of thought will scream, you will be hurt again. 

So how to we combat this? There are three simple steps you should take. First recognize that you have intrinsic worth and value. God made you and He doesn’t make junk. Secondly, remember that life is not fair, people can be cruel, unjust things do happen but you are still in control of your response. Thirdly, refuse to become a prisoners in your own prison. Refuse to allow the cruelty of life to shrink your faith, or cause you to go underground. 

The quickest way to defeat your fears is to face them and be honest about them. You must believe that you can overcome them, that you can get up again and move forward. You must believe that your next relationship will work. You must believe that your faith is greater than your fears, and your God is greater than your anxiety. 

The Bible teaches us that fear causes torment but love casts out fear. So remove your fear by falling in love. Whatever you love and wherever you love you will have fears, but they will not rule they will be subject to the power of love. 

Jesus loved us and now we love him. Though sin is all around us it does not create fear like it use to because love gives you courage, and it gives you a larger view of life. 

If you have been living in fear, don’t. If you have allowed your thoughts to run wild, don’t. If you have allowed fears to narrow your life and vision, don’t. 

Fear cannot defeat faith, so make up your mind today you will live a life of possibility not instability. Vow, to take a risk, a chance, and dare to live your life in hope. 

We all have fears, but we do not have to let our fears have us. Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world. Believe in God, believe in yourself, believe in your future. 

When you believe you have a future your fears must flee, because that is what fear is trying to keep you from having. Don’t lose anymore time letting the fears of yesterday, strengthen today, and destroy tomorrow. Evict them, refuse to submit to them and watch your eyes began to dance, your steps to be more confident and your life change for the better. 

Remember if you are still alive it is because God believes in the greatness of your future. Believe with him and watch your fears disappear and your life reappear. 

Pastor Leon Wallace 


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God Is Still On His Throne

We are living in such changing times. America as it has been known is being overthrown by an America no one knows. Great calamities, the gulf oil spill, political unrest, and economic uncertainty rule the day.

People who once were confident and self-assured are, now, wondering what the future holds. Yet, in the darkest times there are always truths which grow in light and strength.

One of the greatest truths is that God is still on the throne. His power is not diminished, His will is not deterred, and His strength is not abated. What He has done, He stills does, and what He decrees, He still delivers.

In changing times you need something that is unchangeable. You need something that is constant, static and rock solid and we find it in our Lord. When everything around is crumbling we can still find hope in our rock Jesus Christ.

The Bible makes it clear that God never changes, that He alone stands the test of time. Hebrews declares He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He his not limited by time or space because both time and space are in Him.

Nothing that happens catches Him by surprise because He knows all things and by Him all things consist or happen. The good and evil, the right and wrong are never outside of His grasp.

He has all power and so whatever happens,He decrees, directs or determines. What we don’t understand, He Does and what we have no answer to, He does.  What causes us confusion, cannot confuse Him.

God is great and greatly to be praised.  So today, give your cares into His hands, trust Him to guide your steps, and thank Him, in advance,  for His perfect plan.

Changing times can be tough, but a changeless God keeps us when things get rough. Quit worrying and start worshiping.  You will be glad you did.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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