Breaking A Bad Habit

Have you ever wanted to get rid of a bad habit?  If so join the club. I have some ideas that have worked for me.  Maybe they will work for you as well. I will put them into three steps to keep it simple and easy to understand.

First recognize you have a habit that is affecting you negatively.  Realize that it is limiting you.  Understand that it gets stronger every day.  Focus on the negatives that it brings into your life.  It is only with honesty that you can begin to make progress. 

As long as you like what you are doing, or refuse to see it as a limiter in your life it’s a dead-end street.  However the moment you begin to dislike the habit, the moment you begin to speak truthfully about it, is the moment that you will make a decision.  Making a decision to quit it is the second step.

Decision is the ultimate power. If you will make a decision to quit it you will begin to gain the strength to break it completely.  The best time to make the decision is the moment you feel strongest about quitting. Once you make the decision you must then focus on the benefits that breaking this habit will bring into your life.  You must encourage yourself that it is worth it, that the end result will be beneficial. 

The third step is you have to declare it.  You have to put it out in the open.  You have to speak out about your decision.  If you don’t tell someone what you plan to do most of time you will not follow through. 

You need the accountability that comes from someone asking you how are you doing.  Are you still laying the habit down?  This accountability will give you strength when no one is around and you feel the weakness that always comes when your changing direction.  Knowing that someone will be asking you will give you the added motivation to overcome during times of temptation. 

Small failures should not be considered total failure.  If you give in momentarily just begin again immediately.  Don’t use your single failure as a reason to quit the process or throw in the towel. 

It takes 21 days to break a habit so you don’t have to struggle very long. Congratulate yourself on each day made.  With each day you will gain strength and resolve although their will be those moments you have to overcome.

One last thing you must do.  You can never get rid of one habit without replacing it with another habit.  So you must have in mind what habit you need to replace this bad one with.  Let me give you some examples to paint a word picture in your mind.

You need to lose weight.  That the bad habit.  The new habit must be eating the right foods, or the foods that will counteract the bad habit you formed in your eating behavior.

You need to get out of debt from overspending.  You must begin the process of placing discipline in your spending.  So you make saving money your new habit. 

You need to quit getting angry.  You must bring your thoughts under subjection.  You will need to speak slower, lower your voice and think about what you are going to say.  This will give you control over your explosive nature. 

You want to get in shape.  Start a daily exercise program. Set a time and keep it at least 5 days a week.

Always replace a bad habit with a good one if you want success.  If you don’t replace it with another habit you have no chance of success.  Whatever you choose to replace it with must be doable by you.  It must be something you can give yourself to. 

Break a habit today you will glad you did tomorrow.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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  1. Good word Pastor! I like it.

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