What will you do with this new year?  What will you do with this new opportunity?  What will you do with this gift of time?

Will you use it?  Squander it?  Make excuses for why you didn’t take advantage of it?

Or will you seize it, take hold of it, and make something powerful and possible out of it.

Will this year be a year of new beginnings, a year of recovery, a year of rebuilding?  Or will it be just another year to mark time and walk backwards?

The choice is before you, the time has been given, the winds of change are waiting for your command.  You can accept the challenge and choose your destiny or shrink from the challenge and choose the lesser path.

The crossroad where you stand has two signs, one that reads straight ahead lies open roads and new adventures, the other that reads more of the same, pain, frustration and regrets.

Which way will you go?  Which road will you choose?  Which end will you receive?

Decision is the ultimate power, and power is the ultimate change agent.  Jesus said without me you can do nothing, Paul said this one thing I do, and Solomon said with all you’re getting, get understanding.  What does this mean?

It means look up, look within, and look around until you change your surroundings and propel your life into God great design.

Anyone can quit, anyone can make excuses, anyone can blame others and themselves for their miserable plight.  Anyone can choose not to change, choose to stay the same, choose to continue to live halfway.

Anyone can become a someone who declared this is a new day, this is my life-changing moment.  Only someone can achieve, believe and receive.  Only a someone can forget the past, press in the present and prosper in the future.  Is that someone You?

Do You have what it takes to change?  Do You have what it takes to give your all again?  Do You have the guts to get out of the ruts that have ruined your vision?

Yes you do! Yes you do!

Will you do it?  Will you do it in 2011?

Know one knows but you.  Know one knows but you.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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