Passions Paradise

Live with passion. Anthony Robbins

Are you tired of being dull? Are you fed-up with being half-hearted? Are you doomed to repeat your last failure? If so, let me help you change your destiny today.

If you will live your life with passion, everything will change for the better. Passion means living with desire. Living enthusiastically. Living with fire in your soul. Living each day to the fullest.

Passion means being alive and knowing it. Passion does not wake you up, it keep you up until you achieve your goal.

Passion can be broken down into 7 parts by using the letters in this word.

P-ushing ahead regardless of what obstacles you face.

A-lways keeping your attitude right. Your attitude determines your altitude.

S-eeing the opportunity before you and seizing it before it vanishes.

S-topping negative thoughts before they morphe into spoken words.

I-intentionally smiling when your body wants to frown.

O-nly settling for success in whatever you are pursuing.

N-ever giving up, even when your close friends say it’s no use.

Passion pursues objects with great confidence and courage.

Passion does not step aside because of on coming dangers.

Passion drives you to make decisions.

Passion promises rewards to those who refuse to quit.

Passion is not emotion only, but a made up mind with a fixed goal in site. Emotion is simply the vehicle in which passion drives toward it’s goal.

You can accomplish everything with passion, and nothing without it. Desire cannot be stopped by despair, neither can it be overthrown by failure.

The greatest gift you have is the gift to decide, the most important attitude is the one that wears a smile, and the legacy you leave behind is a life well lived.

You have the potential to create a paradise. A paradise where passion rules by day, and your achievements last through the night.

Jesus Christ lived his life with incredible passion and look at what His passion left for you.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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