Life is Full of Surprises

Life is full of surprises.  Everyday holds the potential to shock you back to earth.  Have you been shocked lately?

Have you ever been coasting through life and then been blindsided by something.  It could be a phone call telling you a love one has died.  It could be your spouse saying I am filing for divorce.  It could be your teenage girl saying mom I am pregnant.  It could be your boss calling you into his office to let you know you are being let go.  It could be the doctor bearing news that you have cancer.

Everyday we face the possibilities of being surprised.  Everyday you wake up you could be confronted with a life changing day.  This is the reason you need to know how to handle life’s surprises.

When the unexpected happens what you do in the first few days will matter most.

When your system is shocked by bad news the first thing you need to do is stay calm.  This will be very difficult.  It is okay to show emotion, to cry, to pace, to wonder what you should do, But you cannot  lose control, or allow your thoughts full expression.

You will find yourself speaking stupidly, and making dramatic statements.  Don’t do this.  It will only escalate the issue you face. Do your best to control your thoughts, your actions and your emotions.  This will slow down the heart rate, the rushing thoughts, and keep you from falling into a deep depression.

Secondly, you need to trust in your true friends.  Lean on their shoulders, cry in their arms, let them support and embrace you.  You don’t need isolation. You need insulation.  You need to be protected and find security in the presence of those who have your best interest at heart.

You need very little advice at this point; you simply need understanding, and support.  Stay away from those who know it all, or from those who are not generally compassionate.  They will see this as weakness and not true pain. So find those gentle souls who understand the value of silence and the blessing of silent strength.

Thirdly, realize that your life is not over, but there are some issues you will need to address.  Realize that you have many other things that are doing just fine and so your whole life is not over.

Take small steps, continue to do your best to eat properly, sleep properly and think properly.  The first 2 weeks are always the most difficult, but with the right help and mindset you will begin climbing out sooner than later.

Any loss brings grief and grief’s time-table is different for each person.  Grieving is good; it’s God’s way for us to cleanse our systems and renew our strength.

Don’t worry about the speed of your recovery, focus on the fact that you will recover in time. Everyone faces the same challenges you are facing so finding compassion will be easy.

Not now, but somewhere in the future you will see things clearer although some things never clear up completely.  Just remember God is faithful, and if you look upward more than downward, you will rise up sooner than later from your fall.

These are not perfect solutions but small steps that lead forward.  May you find yourself whole again even if there is still a hole in your heart.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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