The Purpose Of Trust

Have you ever really thought about what the purpose of trusting really means?  People will say things like ‘just trust me’ or ‘don’t worry I can handle this’.  To trust simply means to rely on, to depend on, to believe in, to have confidence in.

When someone asks you to trust them what are they asking you to do?  What are they expecting you to do?  What is the big deal about trust anyway?  I don’t have all the answers about trust but I do believe there are five key things that trust does that are valuable.

#1  Trust creates dependency on God. The first purpose of trusting is to believe God.  It is to depend on Him to do what you cannot do.  What is it that we can’t do?  We can’t forget the past and we can’t forecast the future.

These two things are outside of our power.  We can’t take an eraser and make the past go away and we don’t have a crystal ball that gives us a clear picture of our future.  All we can really control is this moment, this small fragment of time.  Everything else must be given to God.

God sees are past and can help us get over it, or overcome it.  He knows every mistake or wrong choice we’ve made.  He sees every hurt, every injustice, every wrong we have ever suffered. He also sees our future and what we will become, and where we will end up.

He knew us before we were born and He knows when we will die.  So the first value of trust is when we let God take care of these two times we can’t change or control.

#2  Trust challenges your Independent will. We are constantly tossed to and fro by our emotions and our rational mind.  When are emotions are in control our mind follows obediently, when reason and logic are in control our emotions wait patiently.

We have a tendency to give great importance to our thoughts, our actions, and our emotions.  We are born with a self-love that is not easily harnessed.

Our will can cause us to be unreasonable, stubborn, or just plain stupid sometimes.  It is never easy to admit you need help, that you don’t have all the answers, that you can’t get your way.

Neither can you let your emotions rule your life.  If emotions and feelings rule, you will be a bundle of nerves.  You will go from one high to a deeper low and from despair to exhilaration and back again.

When you’re willing to let others speak into your life and when you’re willing to work under authority you begin to understand the purpose of trust.  Bringing your will to the place where it is willing to listen to God and others is essential to your progress.

Your mind is the dark-room where fears multiply and self-worth is magnified to your destruction.

Trusting in God and others will cause you to challenge your wrong thoughts.  It will cause you to rely on the wisdom of others and not just yourself.  It will bring you into a place where you can be molded and shaped for your better good.

#3 Trust Changes you from being Co-dependent on others.

Our co-dependency is determined primarily by our DNA and our Enviroment.  Who your parents and grandparents are play a large role in who you are and why you are like you are.

Since you have nothing you didn’t receive, much of who you are comes down through your bloodline.  The color of your hair, the color of your eyes, your mannerisms, even some sicknesses can be inherited from your lineage. I know it sometimes hurts but the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Your enviroment plays a large part in who you become.  Your friends, the country you live in, the schools you attended, the standard of your living, all help to shape who you are.

Birds of a feather flock together and you will almost always surround yourself with people who have your tastes and interests.  This is not always the best thing for you.

Trust causes you to be willing to be different, to march to beat of a different drummer, to go in the direction of opposition and to fly in the face of resistance.

Trust gives you the strength to stand alone, and yet not feel alone. You no longer feel trapped by individuals, or circumstances but believe that you can achieve whatever God’s purpose is for your life. You begin to reach higher and go further once this co-dependency is broken.

Often we use others as an excuse for what we have become and where we are.  Trust changes you into a person who can rise above your DNA and environment and soar where eagles fly.

#4  Trust converts your creative mind into action. Our minds can become prisons where nothing enters or exits.  Our minds can convince us that we are worthless, or they can deceive us into believing that we are invincible.  Both of these extremes are dangerous to us.

What trust does is bring the truth of who you are and what you can become to the surface. Trust throws open the gates of your mind and dares you to use your mind as a vehicle for good.

Your mind is an incredible laboratory of greatness.  It is incomparable what you can do when you set your mind to work.

Trust is like the key inserted into a lock, it turns the knob and opens the door to endless possibilities.  Once your mind is directed in the right direction your actions will speed you toward whatever goal you have set.

When your mind believes it will act and when it acts, nothing in this world can compete with it.  The purpose of trust is to unlock the mysteries of your mind and let them flow into the divine plan God has for your life.

When your mind is awake your life will be alive with purpose, hope and success.  Give trust a chance.  Believe in God, rely on God, and let God’s best creation… you…race into action.

#5  Trust will allow you to compound your potential effectively. So many people with great minds, great talent and great potential die without achieving even a small degree of what they could have.  This is such a waste of who you are.

Trusting in God and others teach you how to maximize your life and get the most out of your labor and efforts.

Three basic laws will begin to work for you at this stage.  The law of sowing and reaping, the law of the sower, and the law of multiplication.

To reap you must sow and to sow effectively you must continue to sow at all times and seasons and in all places.  The more you sow, the more you reap, so sow everywhere and abundantly.

The Bible tells story after story of how people trusted God and how there lives enjoyed the power of multiplication.

Once your see the value of trust, once you continue to trust, it will not be long before you see the compounding effect of trust.  The old adage is if you take a penny a day and multiply it each day for 31 days you will be a millionaire.  What you can do with a penny you should be able to do with your life.  The Bible says your life is worth more than the whole world.

The purpose of trust is to turn you, a clump of dust, into a mountain of gold.  Don’t delay, and don’t make excuses.  Get up and get going down the path of trust, and before long, trust will thrust you up, up, and up.

What is the purpose of trust?  To get you to trust, of course.  Do it today.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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