What Are True Friends For?

Help me are two words most people can’t say with confidence.  Asking others to come along side of us and help us is usually the last resort. Only after all other avenues have dried up do we reach out to those who could have saved us many fears and tears.

What is it that keeps us from reaching out to others?  What keeps us from being confident enough to ask those who love us for help?  Is it the fear of rejection?  Is it the possibility of hearing the words no?  Is is pride, shame, self-reliance, or ego?  It is probably all of these or at least some of these that keep us from leaning on others.

Should anything keep us from asking people we love and who love us for help?  The answer is no.

What are friends for if you can’t call on them in trouble?  What is the value of others if they can’t be depended on?  Why do we run to complete strangers for help when someone you love is near?  I have the answer.

The reason we don’t ask those nearest too us is we don’t understand brotherly love or friendship.  The whole purpose of living and life is to do it together with those you love.

What mother will send her son or daughter to a stranger to get help when she can help them?  What father will send his son or daughter to a stranger to get help when it is in his power to do so?

One of the reasons people are so miserable and life is so weary is we have lost the value of each other.

What is money between friends?

What is time between friends?

What is sharing between friends?

What is carrying one

another burdens between friends?

What is friendship for if it is not to help each other when each other needs help?

If you have a true friend you should be able at any time, any place, and for any reason call on them and not feel the fear of being rejected.  Of course it is much harder to do when you have made a dumb decision, traveled down the wrong road. But thank God for a prodigal’s father who embraced his returning son, rather than drive him back out into the darkness.

One man said if you have 1 or 2 true friends in life you are blessed and I agree fully.  We don’t need a crowd of people around us, we need a person who truly cares for us.

It is impossible to live in misery if you have a true friend.

It is impossible to lose hope if you have someone who stands with you.

It is impossible to stay bitter if you have a true friend.

It is impossible to be overwhelmed when your true friend cares?

Solomon said there is someone who sticks closer to you than a brother. Who is that?  Simply said it is a real friend.  Jesus Christ calls us his friends. And he proved to all of us what real friendship look like.

If you don’t have a real friend, find Jesus.  And once you find Jesus he will make sure you also find a true earthly friend.

The next time you face a need, the next time you find yourself in trouble, don’t hesitate to call your friend.

If they are a true friend they will help you without making you feel terrible, cheap or needy.

If they are a true friend they won’t make excuses for why they can’t come.

If they are a true friend they will not put your shame on the streets.

If they are a true friend your mistakes will not weaken their love for you.

Find a true friend and you have found the lost treasure, the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Christianity is about being real, being compassionate, being a person who doesn’t forget their role as someone’s friend.

The greatest gift outside of salvation is when someone lets you get close enough to them that they call you a friend.

Friendship has responsibilities, but more than that friendship gives you the help that removes the impossibilities in your life.

Quit looking for just anyone and find that someone who can be your friend.  Your life will improve, your love will grow, your fears will diminish and your peace will increase.

If you are afraid to ask your friend for help, more than likely they are not really your friend.

My little girl Kaci ask me to make her pancakes this morning, I made them for her, because that is what friends are for.

Have you made any pancakes lately?

Pastor Leon Wallace

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