The First Step In Re-Dedication Is Realization

With everything in life there is the first step.  When thinking about re-dedicating your life finding that step is crucial.

What is it?  It is the ability to remember what you felt and how you acted when you first dedicated yourself to God, to your career, to your marriage, to your children, to your dream etc.

Only when you recall the past can you accurately start the steps toward re-dedication.  Only when you establish within yourself that you will return to that moment of commitment and conviction can the journey begin.

You will not be able to get there by yourself, you will need help from above and below.

Everyone wants to win, to achieve, to be all they can be.  However, life steals those dreams and ambitions through trouble, pressure, reversals, and a host of other thieves.

So returning to your earlier devotion, recovering your dreams, rebuilding the walls that have been broken begins with that first step.

The first step is the step of realization.  That what you should have, you don’t have.  To realize that life instead of helping you has robbed you instead.  Instead of the success and future you once held close you now see it scattered in broken pieces over the past weeks, months or years.

Once this realization hits you, you must act and act swiftly.  Refuse to go one step further, refuse to allow your enemy to win one more day.  Declare to yourself and others that the days of losing are over.

Realization is the wake-up call, the eviction notice on the door.  It is the sign that unless you take swift action nothing will change and especially not for the better.

Realization is the trumpet warning of the coming enemy, the voice of reason, the awakening of the conscience, the shoutings within that grow louder and louder with each new day.

Realization tells you things will never change unless you do.  Realization tells you there is a lot of water under the bridge but unless you do something before long the bridge will be destroyed.

Realization gives you both the bad news and good.  The bad news is your life is a wreck, the good news is the wreck is still alive.  There are no silver bullets, no secret potions, no sweet elixir.  But there is hope and hope is enough.

So in a nugget, realization is hope.  Hope that you can change your life, that you can re-dedicate your life.  That you can recover your life and restore those years that you have lost.  So lift up your head, and begin this first step today.  You will be glad you did.

We will deal with the second step shortly.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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