Don’t Give Up Now or Ever

I met a person the other day who was losing hope.  They were struggling with the belief that things would improve.  They had fought, and battled until they were weary and fatigued.  They were at the point of giving up.  What could they do was their weary request?

We have all been at that place.  The place where hope refuses to live.  The address where a better day never shows up.  A highway that stretches into loneliness and despair.  A road that seems to lead to nowhere.

What can a person do when faced with these kind of odds?

Should they just quit?

Should they just give in to the circumstances?

Should they believe their feelings?

Should they doubt things will change?

Should they waste away in despair?

Should they hang their head in shame?

What should they do?  What did you do?

One man said it is always too early to quit and I believe him.  Quitting is not an option.  If you quit it will get worse, you will lose heart and hope.

No what you must do is what we all have had to do.  Face the fact that as tough as it is, it could be tougher and it will get easier.  Life can only put so much pressure on you until something happens.  It will force you to make a decision and decision is the ultimate power.

Once you decide your direction is fixed.  You will always go in the direction of your choices. So if you refuse to quit you will ultimately win.  If you refuse to give up you will find your self standing strong again.

If you refuse to believe the lies that nothing will change, in time it will for the better.  Sometimes just the simple act of refusing to give in to what you want to do changes the course of your destiny.

So regardless of what you are facing today refuse to let it win.  Take the high road the road that leads to victory.  Put your foot on your problem and refuse to let it get the upper hand again.

Victory is always closer than it appears.  Plus, if you have God on your side He never loses.  Make the decision today to keep trying, to keep moving forward, to keep standing strong until you find yourself free from the cold chains of despair.

Do it now, do it today.  You can do it, and I believe you will.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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Believe In Yourself

There is incredible power in believing in oneself.  To believe in one’s own person is not only valuable but needful.  One of the great problems with believing in ourselves is our proclivity to make mistakes and bad judgments.  This causes us to lose confidence and began the process of self-doubt.

Once you understand that no one is perfect and that no one make great choices all the time your attitude will change for the better.  Believing in oneself means your ideas can be trusted, your dreams can be realized, your failures can be overcome. Believing you can is half the battle.  Believing you will is the other half.

Believing always involves the truth.  You must be truthful with yourself about your ambitions and dreams.  They must not be unrealistic compared to your diligence and work ethic.  Dreaming must always be coupled with doing.  It is not enough to believe in yourself, you must also be willing to pay the price, do the hard work, and stay the course regardless of how difficult it becomes.

Believing in yourself does not turn you into a self worshipper but into a dedicated and motivated achiever.  As a man thinks in his heart he eventually becomes.  So think the right thoughts, do the right deeds, and you will achieve the desired results.

Believing in yourself is not pumping yourself up, but pushing yourself forward.  Believing in yourself is not exaggerating your ability but living up to your ability.

Believe in yourself today and start living your beliefs and before long you will have an unbelievable life.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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