Can You Believe It

Can you believe it is 2011? Can you believe you are really this old?  Can you believe that you made it this far?  Can you believe it’s been that long since you said Hello to an old friend.

If you are not careful life will pass you by while you busy living life.  Stop, take time to remember those people who did the most for you.  Those who stood by you in time of grief.  Those who helped you make it another day.

Time can erode memories, blur vision, and cause us to forget the really special people we once knew.

Let this be the year that you rediscover the real reason for living.  Loving others and never forgetting their impact on your life.

Let this be the year that you rejoice in the goodness of others and build new bonds.

Let this be the year that you reconnect with those who really care about you.

Pick up the phone, send a message, write a card, pay a visit.

Let this be the year of bridge building, reconciliation and restoration.

Time is swiftly marching on, and our day of death is closer than our day of birth. The hands on the clock will soon stop and our journey will be done.

So use the time left wisely by using it to thank others, and push others toward their goals.

Before you know it 2011 will be history, so we must do it now or before long it will be never.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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