Dealing With Loss

Dealing with loss is never easy.  When something is taken from us it leaves a large void behind.  Loss leaves a real hole in our soul.

To lose something hurts us deeply and often scars our life with great pain.  No one can escape its grasp.  Everyday brings the possibility that loss will find you.

Losses come in so many ways.  The loss of love, the loss of health, the loss of innocence, the loss of  money, and all leave us with a dilemma.

In scripture Jesus talked about lost things.  He mentioned the lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost son and in each illustration His end was for them to be found or recovered.  We should try to get back what we have lost, we should search and expend energy to bring it back.

We should always hope for the best result, but somethings can not be brought back or recovered and it is these losses that I am discussing today.

The loss of someone we love to death cannot be recovered in this lifetime.  The loss of our childhood innocence cannot be restored during our earthly journey.  The loss of our health to old age cannot be reversed.  These kinds of losses try to weaken our resolve and deplete our strength.  So what are we to do?

We must realize that these losses cannot be altered or avoided.  These losses must be carried and endured.  These losses bring crosses that we must bear.

The pain, the grief and pain will have to be embraced not ignored.  When you try to ignore real losses after they transpire they will drive you to dark places or even into the dungeon of depression.

Facing loss takes great courage, and it take an understanding from God.  When the questions try to drown you, you will need to rest in this answer, that God doesn’t make mistakes but works all things according to His perfect will.

When losses come handle them with gloves of truth.  Admit that it hurts, let your grief be expressed in full and you will find strength to continue. They say there are five  stages of grief and I am sure there are.

However, the most important thing in dealing with loss is not stages but staying power.  The ability to continue walking down life’s road even when the heavy winds of loss are howling in your face.  The ability to get up and keep going when your thoughts and feelings scream give up.  The strength to press onward when the pain is pressing downward.

It will not be easy but it is possible.  The greatest help in dealing with a loss is not found in a pill, but in a pillar.  Hold on to the pillars in your life, your faith, your hope, your God.  These will help you recover your unsteady walk and renew your steps with certainty.

Losses don’t have to become crosses only, they can become ladders that lead you higher and higher.  Choose the latter and you will be glad you did.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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