God Is Still On His Throne

We are living in such changing times. America as it has been known is being overthrown by an America no one knows. Great calamities, the gulf oil spill, political unrest, and economic uncertainty rule the day.

People who once were confident and self-assured are, now, wondering what the future holds. Yet, in the darkest times there are always truths which grow in light and strength.

One of the greatest truths is that God is still on the throne. His power is not diminished, His will is not deterred, and His strength is not abated. What He has done, He stills does, and what He decrees, He still delivers.

In changing times you need something that is unchangeable. You need something that is constant, static and rock solid and we find it in our Lord. When everything around is crumbling we can still find hope in our rock Jesus Christ.

The Bible makes it clear that God never changes, that He alone stands the test of time. Hebrews declares He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He his not limited by time or space because both time and space are in Him.

Nothing that happens catches Him by surprise because He knows all things and by Him all things consist or happen. The good and evil, the right and wrong are never outside of His grasp.

He has all power and so whatever happens,He decrees, directs or determines. What we don’t understand, He Does and what we have no answer to, He does.  What causes us confusion, cannot confuse Him.

God is great and greatly to be praised.  So today, give your cares into His hands, trust Him to guide your steps, and thank Him, in advance,  for His perfect plan.

Changing times can be tough, but a changeless God keeps us when things get rough. Quit worrying and start worshiping.  You will be glad you did.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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