There Is No God Like Our God

There is only one true God in the world.  There is only one God who can hear, see, speak and answer the requests of mankind. That is the God of the Bible.  That is the God who is called Jehovah in the Old Testament and Jesus Christ in the new.

In a world full of chaos it is essential that you have a real God.  It is essential that you have a God that is all-powerful and all-knowing.  It is essential that you serve a God that is truly a Savior, a Healer, and a Provider.  It is essential that your God is not dead but alive.  It is essential that he is not in a grave somewhere but alive.  There is only one who can make this claim and that is the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ.

There are many who serve what they call gods but they are not really gods.  They can’t hear, see, speak, or answer prayers.  They are nothing more than man-made creations.  There are many people serving gods that are in grave yards or in some man-made burial ground.

There are many people who have made the moon, stars, sun, or mother earth their gods.  There are many people who worship and adore gods made of gold, silver, stone, wood, etc.

But only those people who worship the God of scripture have the hope of securing a real answer.  Only in Jesus Christ can you find the way, the truth and life.

Only Jesus can save your soul from sin.  Only Jesus can give you eternal life.  Only Jesus offers a resurrection from your cold dark grave.  Only Jesus can hear and answer your prayers.

There is only one true living God in the world and you find him in the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ declared that all power in heaven and earth was in him.  If he has all power and he does then that’s the God I choose to serve.

Solomon said with all you’re getting, get understanding, and I say with all you’re getting get Jesus Christ, the one and only true God in the world today.

No wonder the name of Jesus is hated by so many.  No wonder when you say Jesus there is no doubt who you are talking about.  No wonder the servers of other false gods hate the Jesus of Scripture.

Just as Satan hated Jesus because he exposed him for who he was, men deny Jesus because their deeds and hearts are full of evil; but those who place their trust and confidence in him find life and life more abundantly.

Turn away from the gods that cannot help and turn to Jesus who can help you completely.  Scripture declares ‘in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily and ye are complete in Him’.  That is the God I serve and that is the God I need.

If you need a real God in your life call on Jesus and you will find what you  are looking for.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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