The Power of Love

One of life’s greatest powers is the power of love.  The ability to love and be loved is incredible.  The difference between being happy and sad hinges on love.  The difference between being confident and secure has much  to do with love.

Love is a great power for good in our lives.  When you feel loved, you feel whole.  When you feel love you feel alive.  When you feel love you are more optimistic about everything.

Love gives energy, and enthusiasm to your pursuits.  You may not be able to define love.  You may not be able to quantify love.  But you know when you have it and when you don’t.

Love is like a great river running into the ocean.  The deeper our love becomes the more things that flourish in our life.  The wider our love becomes more people are touched by our love.

Loving people are happy people, loving people are generous people, loving people are God’s children.

How do we love?  What makes love, love?  Love is doing for others what you like done to you.  Love is treating others with the same care and compassion you desire.  Love is giving yourself selflessly to those around you.  Love is always active, alert and alive.

You can always tell when you are loving others, you have a sense of purpose, an inner drive that causes you to keep reaching out to those in trouble, pain, or distress.

The more love you give out the more you grow, you thrive, you succeed.  Jesus Christ loved us and look what His love has done for us.  You will never know how powerful, how inspiring, and how beneficial your love has been to others.

Take time to love someone today.  Take time to do good for those in grief.  Take time to share your time with someone in trouble.  Take time to put your arm around someone who is struggling.  Take time to help someone who is hurting.  When you help others you are really helping yourself.

Love is a beautiful four letter word, let it speak loudly in your heart today.

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