America The Beautiful

America the Beautiful is flirting with disaster.  Trillions of dollars in debt already and we continue to spend money like a drunk man.  State and local governments are drowning in a mountain of debt with no end in sight.

A Congress and Government that is out of touch with the people.  Politicians of all parties that basically are, at their core,  Siamese twins.

A Supreme Court that doesn’t have one born again believer on it.

The entire news media of our nation is owned by just 6 companies.  No wonder the truth is not being told, the media is in bed with the state.

Immorality in any form is exalted and praised while values and Christian principles ridiculed.

We spend more money on our military than all the other nations do together and yet we cannot secure our borders against drugs and human trafficking.

We have the greatest technology in the world for good, but often find ourselves letting it be used only for evil.

America is beautiful, but without godly leaders we will turn ugly soon.  King David said in Psalms 12 that ‘the wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted’.  We see that happening all over America.

America the beautiful cannot continue to oppress the poor of the world through cheap labor and expect God to turn a deaf ear to their cry.  We all like cheap prices but do we like them at the expense of God’s children elsewhere in the world.

America the beautiful cannot continue to promote vice, and violence, sin and depravity in the face of Deity and be innocent.

America the beautiful can be beautiful again but people of prayer must pray again.  Churches must become Christ-oriented and spiritually active again.

Jesus must be exalted and the Kingdom of God promoted.

“If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray”…we can and we will.

It is true.  We are close to the midnight hour in prophecy but it is never too late for God to accept our sincere repentance and change of direction.

If you love this great nation and the 300 million plus Americans in it, pray because only an answer from heaven will save us now.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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