When People Leave You

Have you ever had someone leave you?  Have you ever watched as someone you cared about walked away?  Have you wondered what makes a person you care about stop caring about you?

Life is full of hurts but this hurts more than most.  This pain hits you in your heart, in your emotional center where you live.

Two young boys growing up together, playing ball, hunting birds, catching fish, never dream the day will come when they will no longer speak or get together.

Two young girls swinging on a swing, playing with Barbie dolls, combing each others hair can’t fathom that one day they can cross paths without saying hello.

Two young lovers dreaming of their wedding day, of the coming children, of growing old together, never considered that another one would steal their heart away.

A couple madly in love, spending every waking hour together, planning their future over candlelit dinners never think it possible that one day their love will turn to hate, their romance into resentment and divorce papers will replace love letters.

A new Pastor and his small congregation beginning a work that will reach to heaven, with miracles of divine intervention scattered across their pathways of sickness, disease and tragedy; yet they walk together.  Triumph, growth, years, success and now they walk in different ways.

A great God and his chosen vessel begin a journey bathed in forgiveness, hope and peace.  They share joys, sorrows, hopes and fears and then one day the chosen vessel refuses to continue to draw near.

Each of these are accounts familiar to each of us.  We have been on both sides of this hurtful coin.  We have been the one who leaves and the one left.  We have felt the sting of rejection and have also shot the flaming arrow of rejection into another soul.

Why do we leave those we once loved?  Why do we walk away from a friendship built on sweat, blood and tears?

Why do we leave others when we do?  What is the final straw, what is the cause impossible to overcome, what is the reason too strong to reason with?

Does walking away really work?  Does it ease the pain?  Does it solve the problem?  Does it open the doors of joy?  Does it lead to a new day?

Looking back would you do the same thing?  Looking back did you make the right choice?

Looking back do you wish you would have given it more time?  Do you wish you would have fought longer, and refused to give up when you did?

Looking back was it worth burning the bridge, forgetting the good times, washing away the memories, and walking alone the other way?

Was leaving her the answer you thought it would be?  Was leaving him the peace you thought it would bring?

Some questions are hard to answer, and sometimes even looking back you don’t know if you did right.

Who are you thinking about leaving now?  Who is next to be crossed out of your life?

Who is thinking about leaving you in the next little while?  Who is about to cause you grief, and break your  heart?

Have we gotten to the point that leaving is so easy?  Like taking out the trash, like pressure washing the dirt from the side of the car, like sending a text with a simple key stroke.

Why is leaving so easy to do now, when once it was nearly impossible?  The cords were too strong, the loyalty too deep, the love too real?

But now….leaving seems so easy, it seems so easy………..




Pastor Leon Wallace

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