We all have fears. Not all fears are bad. Some fears are necessary. Fear is a natural God-given instinct. However when we allow fear to dominate our lives it creates confusion and distress and alters who we are.

Once you understand that the majority of your fears will never happen you can began to live easier. According to many who study fear they report that about 90 percent of our fears are unfounded and will not happen so only about 10 percent of your fear are necessary and legitimate. No wonder the Bible encourages us to bring our thoughts into subjection. Today I want to share some principles for lessening your fears and strengthening your faith. 

Since fear begins in the mind first that is where we must start. Our thoughts lead to action our action to behavior and behavior leads to habits. When you have too many fears it is because you have allowed your thoughts to be unchallenged and now they have formed habits of beliefs that are destructive. 

Example: You have been betrayed, rejected, or hurt deeply. If you don’t isolate the fear that these things cause you will begin to infect the rest of your life. You will begin to believe that everyone is out to hurt you. You will not allow yourself to trust even good people. You will shy away from relationships and involvement with others because your habit of thought will scream, you will be hurt again. 

So how to we combat this? There are three simple steps you should take. First recognize that you have intrinsic worth and value. God made you and He doesn’t make junk. Secondly, remember that life is not fair, people can be cruel, unjust things do happen but you are still in control of your response. Thirdly, refuse to become a prisoners in your own prison. Refuse to allow the cruelty of life to shrink your faith, or cause you to go underground. 

The quickest way to defeat your fears is to face them and be honest about them. You must believe that you can overcome them, that you can get up again and move forward. You must believe that your next relationship will work. You must believe that your faith is greater than your fears, and your God is greater than your anxiety. 

The Bible teaches us that fear causes torment but love casts out fear. So remove your fear by falling in love. Whatever you love and wherever you love you will have fears, but they will not rule they will be subject to the power of love. 

Jesus loved us and now we love him. Though sin is all around us it does not create fear like it use to because love gives you courage, and it gives you a larger view of life. 

If you have been living in fear, don’t. If you have allowed your thoughts to run wild, don’t. If you have allowed fears to narrow your life and vision, don’t. 

Fear cannot defeat faith, so make up your mind today you will live a life of possibility not instability. Vow, to take a risk, a chance, and dare to live your life in hope. 

We all have fears, but we do not have to let our fears have us. Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world. Believe in God, believe in yourself, believe in your future. 

When you believe you have a future your fears must flee, because that is what fear is trying to keep you from having. Don’t lose anymore time letting the fears of yesterday, strengthen today, and destroy tomorrow. Evict them, refuse to submit to them and watch your eyes began to dance, your steps to be more confident and your life change for the better. 

Remember if you are still alive it is because God believes in the greatness of your future. Believe with him and watch your fears disappear and your life reappear. 

Pastor Leon Wallace 


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