Failure Is Not Fatal

Failure happens to all of us. Failure is falling from something, or failing in something. Failure feels like salt in an open wound. It brings pain, discouragement, and heartache. We all hate its arrival and cheer its departure, but what it leaves behind is a nugget of gold.

Failure is really a friend. Failure speaks the truth about where you are. Failure does not use tact, it attacks. Failure does not praise before it pounces. Failure does not medicate before surgery. Failure is brutal but it is also a blessing.

In failure the dross is cleared away, the superficial is destroyed and the real you is seen. Failure is like windshield wipers. It clears the view,and removes the unwanted debris. Failure awakens your senses, enlightens your eyes and forces you make a decision.

A decision is not the first step but the next step. A decision that is life-changing almost always comes out of failure. Use your failure to move forward, to take another risk. Refuse to let it destroy you, discourage you, deaden you.

Use failure as a ladder to climb up, and as the resistance of the wind lifts the kite, let this failure lift you.

Overcoming failure starts with you making the right decision and you will because failure leaves only one road out. You either go forward or nowhere at all. So embrace your failure, bury it, and pick yourself up and by the grace of God, get going.

Failure is not fatal. It’s vital to your success. Jesus said, the way up is down, and the way down is up. You are a winner! Tell your failure, thanks for the push forward. God’s greatest days lie ahead of you.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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