How to Create Mediocrity in Your Life

To be mediocre is something we are all familiar with. Everyone can point to things in their life that are clothed in mediocrity. Mediocrity is when something is done halfway or left unfinished. It is a state of lukewarmness, or apathy in an area of your life.

Example: You find people who are gifted in one area of their life but total failures in another. Everyday you read about people who are famous for something, but that gift is being smothered by that area in their life that is mediocre.

You can be mediocre in your values, in your faith, in your morals, in your habits and ultimately you will pay a great price. What causes mediocrity? What is the number one sign?

Today I will answer that question for you? I believe you will be shocked by the answer, at first, but, after contemplation, you will readily agree.

The number one cause of mediocrity in your life is the inability to say no and the proclivity to say yes.

Saying yes too often and in too many situations leads straight to mediocrity. Saying yes opens up too many doors, expends too much energy and leaves you a jack of all trades and a master of none.

The hardest word to say is no, the easiest word is yes. Peer pressure is always based on your inability to say no, but your proclivity to say yes.

How many times have you said yes to someone, or something when you knew the answer should be no? Look at people with life-altering addictions, they all began with a yes.

Yes is the broad road that leads to destruction and no is the narrow road that leads to excellence and achievement. You always find excellence living on no avenue and broken dreams and ruined lives on yes street.

Think about it. What is your greatest struggle? Where do you have the most heartache? Where are your greatest fears located?

Once you answer this question, do one thing.  Ask this next question. Your greatest struggle; did it come from saying no too much or saying yes too much? Your greatest heartache; did it come from saying no too much or yes too much? Your greatest fears; did they come from saying no too much or yes too much?

So to get rid of your struggle, your addiction, your fears you just simply need to replace words.

The power of life and death is in words. What would happen if the drug addict said no? If the obese person said no? If the immoral person said no?

What would happen is they would change and the change would take them from existing to living, and from living to being and from being to excellence. You are so close to excellence in your life.  You simply have to move from yes to no.

Sound simple? It is! Find someone who is highly successful and ask them how they did it. They will tell you they quit using the word yes and started learning how to say no.

Paul said…this one thing I do, not many things, but one thing! He learned to say no. Daniel said no to the king’s way and followed a better way. Jesus said no to living and by dying we have found the way to live forever.

Put this principle to work today. Find the area in your life that is causing you the greatest problem and start saying no and soon you will thank me for it.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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  1. This is great, Pastor – thank you for speaking right to me.

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