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When People Leave You

Have you ever had someone leave you?  Have you ever watched as someone you cared about walked away?  Have you wondered what makes a person you care about stop caring about you?

Life is full of hurts but this hurts more than most.  This pain hits you in your heart, in your emotional center where you live.

Two young boys growing up together, playing ball, hunting birds, catching fish, never dream the day will come when they will no longer speak or get together.

Two young girls swinging on a swing, playing with Barbie dolls, combing each others hair can’t fathom that one day they can cross paths without saying hello.

Two young lovers dreaming of their wedding day, of the coming children, of growing old together, never considered that another one would steal their heart away.

A couple madly in love, spending every waking hour together, planning their future over candlelit dinners never think it possible that one day their love will turn to hate, their romance into resentment and divorce papers will replace love letters.

A new Pastor and his small congregation beginning a work that will reach to heaven, with miracles of divine intervention scattered across their pathways of sickness, disease and tragedy; yet they walk together.  Triumph, growth, years, success and now they walk in different ways.

A great God and his chosen vessel begin a journey bathed in forgiveness, hope and peace.  They share joys, sorrows, hopes and fears and then one day the chosen vessel refuses to continue to draw near.

Each of these are accounts familiar to each of us.  We have been on both sides of this hurtful coin.  We have been the one who leaves and the one left.  We have felt the sting of rejection and have also shot the flaming arrow of rejection into another soul.

Why do we leave those we once loved?  Why do we walk away from a friendship built on sweat, blood and tears?

Why do we leave others when we do?  What is the final straw, what is the cause impossible to overcome, what is the reason too strong to reason with?

Does walking away really work?  Does it ease the pain?  Does it solve the problem?  Does it open the doors of joy?  Does it lead to a new day?

Looking back would you do the same thing?  Looking back did you make the right choice?

Looking back do you wish you would have given it more time?  Do you wish you would have fought longer, and refused to give up when you did?

Looking back was it worth burning the bridge, forgetting the good times, washing away the memories, and walking alone the other way?

Was leaving her the answer you thought it would be?  Was leaving him the peace you thought it would bring?

Some questions are hard to answer, and sometimes even looking back you don’t know if you did right.

Who are you thinking about leaving now?  Who is next to be crossed out of your life?

Who is thinking about leaving you in the next little while?  Who is about to cause you grief, and break your  heart?

Have we gotten to the point that leaving is so easy?  Like taking out the trash, like pressure washing the dirt from the side of the car, like sending a text with a simple key stroke.

Why is leaving so easy to do now, when once it was nearly impossible?  The cords were too strong, the loyalty too deep, the love too real?

But now….leaving seems so easy, it seems so easy………..




Pastor Leon Wallace

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7 Questions You Must Know The Answer To!!!

Is there really only One God in the World?

Is Jesus Christ the only Savior in the world?

Am I really an Eternal Being?

Is the Day of my Death already set?

Is there Life after my Death?

Does any of this Really matter?

If you answer no to any of these questions, your future will be a shocking experience.

If you answer yes, then you better follow the One True God instructions and prepare for the rest of your eternity…..

Pastor Leon Wallace

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Do you have a dream?  Do you have something bigger than yourself you want to do?  Are you willing to suffer the ridicule, endure the hardness and overcome the obstacles to achieve it.

Is is worth your life to gain it?  Would you surrender everything to achieve it?  Would the cost ever be too great, or the path too difficult for you to continue?

Today we honor the life and death of Martin Luther King.  He died pursuing his dream, when you die will you be still pursuing your dream?

Words to ponder on this Monday Morning.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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Can You Believe It

Can you believe it is 2011? Can you believe you are really this old?  Can you believe that you made it this far?  Can you believe it’s been that long since you said Hello to an old friend.

If you are not careful life will pass you by while you busy living life.  Stop, take time to remember those people who did the most for you.  Those who stood by you in time of grief.  Those who helped you make it another day.

Time can erode memories, blur vision, and cause us to forget the really special people we once knew.

Let this be the year that you rediscover the real reason for living.  Loving others and never forgetting their impact on your life.

Let this be the year that you rejoice in the goodness of others and build new bonds.

Let this be the year that you reconnect with those who really care about you.

Pick up the phone, send a message, write a card, pay a visit.

Let this be the year of bridge building, reconciliation and restoration.

Time is swiftly marching on, and our day of death is closer than our day of birth. The hands on the clock will soon stop and our journey will be done.

So use the time left wisely by using it to thank others, and push others toward their goals.

Before you know it 2011 will be history, so we must do it now or before long it will be never.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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What will you do with this new year?  What will you do with this new opportunity?  What will you do with this gift of time?

Will you use it?  Squander it?  Make excuses for why you didn’t take advantage of it?

Or will you seize it, take hold of it, and make something powerful and possible out of it.

Will this year be a year of new beginnings, a year of recovery, a year of rebuilding?  Or will it be just another year to mark time and walk backwards?

The choice is before you, the time has been given, the winds of change are waiting for your command.  You can accept the challenge and choose your destiny or shrink from the challenge and choose the lesser path.

The crossroad where you stand has two signs, one that reads straight ahead lies open roads and new adventures, the other that reads more of the same, pain, frustration and regrets.

Which way will you go?  Which road will you choose?  Which end will you receive?

Decision is the ultimate power, and power is the ultimate change agent.  Jesus said without me you can do nothing, Paul said this one thing I do, and Solomon said with all you’re getting, get understanding.  What does this mean?

It means look up, look within, and look around until you change your surroundings and propel your life into God great design.

Anyone can quit, anyone can make excuses, anyone can blame others and themselves for their miserable plight.  Anyone can choose not to change, choose to stay the same, choose to continue to live halfway.

Anyone can become a someone who declared this is a new day, this is my life-changing moment.  Only someone can achieve, believe and receive.  Only a someone can forget the past, press in the present and prosper in the future.  Is that someone You?

Do You have what it takes to change?  Do You have what it takes to give your all again?  Do You have the guts to get out of the ruts that have ruined your vision?

Yes you do! Yes you do!

Will you do it?  Will you do it in 2011?

Know one knows but you.  Know one knows but you.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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The First Step In Re-Dedication Is Realization

With everything in life there is the first step.  When thinking about re-dedicating your life finding that step is crucial.

What is it?  It is the ability to remember what you felt and how you acted when you first dedicated yourself to God, to your career, to your marriage, to your children, to your dream etc.

Only when you recall the past can you accurately start the steps toward re-dedication.  Only when you establish within yourself that you will return to that moment of commitment and conviction can the journey begin.

You will not be able to get there by yourself, you will need help from above and below.

Everyone wants to win, to achieve, to be all they can be.  However, life steals those dreams and ambitions through trouble, pressure, reversals, and a host of other thieves.

So returning to your earlier devotion, recovering your dreams, rebuilding the walls that have been broken begins with that first step.

The first step is the step of realization.  That what you should have, you don’t have.  To realize that life instead of helping you has robbed you instead.  Instead of the success and future you once held close you now see it scattered in broken pieces over the past weeks, months or years.

Once this realization hits you, you must act and act swiftly.  Refuse to go one step further, refuse to allow your enemy to win one more day.  Declare to yourself and others that the days of losing are over.

Realization is the wake-up call, the eviction notice on the door.  It is the sign that unless you take swift action nothing will change and especially not for the better.

Realization is the trumpet warning of the coming enemy, the voice of reason, the awakening of the conscience, the shoutings within that grow louder and louder with each new day.

Realization tells you things will never change unless you do.  Realization tells you there is a lot of water under the bridge but unless you do something before long the bridge will be destroyed.

Realization gives you both the bad news and good.  The bad news is your life is a wreck, the good news is the wreck is still alive.  There are no silver bullets, no secret potions, no sweet elixir.  But there is hope and hope is enough.

So in a nugget, realization is hope.  Hope that you can change your life, that you can re-dedicate your life.  That you can recover your life and restore those years that you have lost.  So lift up your head, and begin this first step today.  You will be glad you did.

We will deal with the second step shortly.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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We have been given a brand new year. We have arrived at a place we have never been. We will determine what this year brings. With that thought in mind let us begin.

The idea behind re-dedication is to return to your orginial position in Christ. To go back to where it began and to recover those feelings and facts that helped to begin the journey.

Life has a way of stealing the good stuff and this year is the time to get it back with the help of our Lord. In the next few days I will place before you some principles that will help you in that endeavor. I look forward to walking this path with you this year.

It is our goal and desire at the end of 2011 to be able to look back and declare that it truly was a year of re-dedication and restoration. May God bless your steps in 2011.

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Breaking A Bad Habit

Have you ever wanted to get rid of a bad habit?  If so join the club. I have some ideas that have worked for me.  Maybe they will work for you as well. I will put them into three steps to keep it simple and easy to understand.

First recognize you have a habit that is affecting you negatively.  Realize that it is limiting you.  Understand that it gets stronger every day.  Focus on the negatives that it brings into your life.  It is only with honesty that you can begin to make progress. 

As long as you like what you are doing, or refuse to see it as a limiter in your life it’s a dead-end street.  However the moment you begin to dislike the habit, the moment you begin to speak truthfully about it, is the moment that you will make a decision.  Making a decision to quit it is the second step.

Decision is the ultimate power. If you will make a decision to quit it you will begin to gain the strength to break it completely.  The best time to make the decision is the moment you feel strongest about quitting. Once you make the decision you must then focus on the benefits that breaking this habit will bring into your life.  You must encourage yourself that it is worth it, that the end result will be beneficial. 

The third step is you have to declare it.  You have to put it out in the open.  You have to speak out about your decision.  If you don’t tell someone what you plan to do most of time you will not follow through. 

You need the accountability that comes from someone asking you how are you doing.  Are you still laying the habit down?  This accountability will give you strength when no one is around and you feel the weakness that always comes when your changing direction.  Knowing that someone will be asking you will give you the added motivation to overcome during times of temptation. 

Small failures should not be considered total failure.  If you give in momentarily just begin again immediately.  Don’t use your single failure as a reason to quit the process or throw in the towel. 

It takes 21 days to break a habit so you don’t have to struggle very long. Congratulate yourself on each day made.  With each day you will gain strength and resolve although their will be those moments you have to overcome.

One last thing you must do.  You can never get rid of one habit without replacing it with another habit.  So you must have in mind what habit you need to replace this bad one with.  Let me give you some examples to paint a word picture in your mind.

You need to lose weight.  That the bad habit.  The new habit must be eating the right foods, or the foods that will counteract the bad habit you formed in your eating behavior.

You need to get out of debt from overspending.  You must begin the process of placing discipline in your spending.  So you make saving money your new habit. 

You need to quit getting angry.  You must bring your thoughts under subjection.  You will need to speak slower, lower your voice and think about what you are going to say.  This will give you control over your explosive nature. 

You want to get in shape.  Start a daily exercise program. Set a time and keep it at least 5 days a week.

Always replace a bad habit with a good one if you want success.  If you don’t replace it with another habit you have no chance of success.  Whatever you choose to replace it with must be doable by you.  It must be something you can give yourself to. 

Break a habit today you will glad you did tomorrow.

Pastor Leon Wallace

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