Enthusiasm: 1.  Desire Is The Key That Unlocks The Door Of Success.Desire defined:  To long for or to hope for, to wiis.. http://ping.fm/UKQFJ

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Angers Poison: Although anger is both a good and bad emotion, most of us have a doctorate in the bad kind of anger and .. http://ping.fm/O6cQy

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Why Do You Feel Unworthy?: Have you ever felt unworthy?  Have you ever felt like you didn’t count?  Have you ever thoug.. http://ping.fm/4R1SE

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Pray!: The Bible declares that two are better than one….so let us bind together and believe that Jesus Christ ca.. http://ping.fm/1KRrV

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It’s Too Hard!: by Audice Leon Wallace on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 8:28amHave you ever thought something was just too .. http://ping.fm/VM0Lv

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Get Up!: Have you ever been knock down by life?Have you ever been hurt by others?Have you ever suffered tremendous lose.. http://ping.fm/egs01

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You Don’t Say: Have you ever said something really stupid?  Have you ever did something really dumb?  Have you ever wen.. http://ping.fm/J9DAe

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When People Leave You: Have you ever had someone leave you?  Have you ever watched as someone you cared about walked aw.. http://ping.fm/K73qE

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Growth is essential to life: When we quit growing we start shrinking.  Our goals become smaller, our aims become lower,.. http://ping.fm/h6HKa

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Leon Wallace Ministries on Youtube: http://ping.fm/kVhpx

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